What I do

My passion is to help you turn your ideas into a tangible reality, enabling you to achieve a landscape project that exceeds your expectations. This means that I work with my clients to ‘sense check’ their ideas to ensure that they are implementable and then to help them deliver the project to the right specification, within the financial budget and the required timescales.

Typically I work in the following areas: –

  • Project management
    applying processes, methods, knowledge, skills and experience to achieve your project objectives.
  • Facilitation
    helping you improve your project and make it easier for you
  • Feasibility / Viability studies
    checking out whether a project is viable, can it be implemented, are the demands of the project reasonable
  • Expert witness
    using my specialised knowledge and skill to provide an opinion
  • Sourcing of products and services
    helping you source the right quality products at the right price.

So, if you think you might have a need for my services do please contact me. I will quickly identify if my services are what you need and if not I will point you in the right direction of who to contact.

How I work

I work collaboratively with my clients, guiding and helping them through the challenges of implementing a landscaping project.  Due to the diverse nature of the world of landscaping each engagement is varied and so I tailor my approach to the unique needs of each client. Typically I use a variety of ‘tools’ to help my clients achieve their goals. These tools include traditional consultancy, which consists of a conversational approach to identify problems and solutions backed up with detailed research. As the need arises I also use coaching or mentoring to help my clients implement solutions to problems – in other words, I don’t just provide answers, I hold their hands as they implement the answers, making myself available to them every step of the way.

My values

My values, or in other words what you can expect from me are: –

  • Commitment
    I give 100% commitment to everything I do
  • Ownership
    I take ownership of my advice and operate in a blame free culture
  • Honesty
    I will always be honest with myself and my clients
  • Excellence
    I will always strive to offer excellence and will try to exceed your expectations in everything I do
  • Value
    I will seek to provide you with excellent value for money
  • Team work
    I love working in a team and will work with you and your team to achieve your goals and objectives
  • Attitude
    I have a positive ‘can do’ attitude all the time
  • Problem solving
    When a challenge arises I will think rationally and look for a solution